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Beauty Jar - BROW-A-HOLIC  Piling za obrve 15 ml 7BJ38-1831
Beauty Jar - Dr.HERB  Balzam za usne 15 ml 7BJ36-1718
Beauty Jar - ECO COCO  Kokosovo ulje 150 ml 7BJ46-1473
Beauty Jar - EYE DEAL  Maska za oči 15 g 7BJ32-2685
Beauty Jar - LIP ZOOM  Piling za usne 15 ml 7BJ35-1695
Beauty Jar - SECOND CHANCE  Ulje za obrve 15 ml 7BJ38-1688
Beauty Jar - WOW BROW!  Maska za obrve 15 ml 7BJ38-1671
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