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Beauty Jar - BACK TO THE ROOTS  Šampon za kosu 7BJ10-1114
Beauty Jar - LET IT GROW  Krema za bradu 60 ml 7BJ66-2722
Beauty Jar - MANI-CURE  Maslac za ruke 100 g 7BJ41-1336
Beauty Jar - MEN IN BLACK  Sapun 80 g 7BJ20-0483
Beauty Jar - MEN'S SECRET  Krema za lice 60 ml 7BJ62-2715
Beauty Jar - MUDDY BUDDY  Šampon za kosu 150 g 7BJ10-0490
Beauty Jar - MULTI-TOOL  Čvrsti šampon 60 g 7BJ61-2708
Beauty Jar - MUST-HAVE  Maska za ruke 7BJ40-1343
Beauty Jar - NO STRESS  Šampon za kosu 150 g 7BJ10-0018
Beauty Jar - PANDA BANDA  Sapun 80 g 7BJ20-0742
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